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Due to the mandated lockdown of gyms/fitness/dance studios in England from the 5th November until early December Pink Kitten will be closed for in person/studio classes for at least 4 weeks. We are open until midnight on the 4th November, then we move online with a great selection of classes to keep you busy and fit during lockdown. check out the classes here. We appreciate any support you can give as we will not get any reduction on our rent during this (or the last) lockdown. If you have enjoyed classes at the studio please consider attending our online sessions, recommending friends, pre-buying passes or vouchers for when we reopen. We also have an online shop to which we will be adding new products to regularly and your purchases will help support the studio. Check it out at for the highest heels/ pole and aerial wear plus comfortable Pink Kitten branded clothes.

Hi Kittens and welcome to our COVID-19 resource page.

Full of fun facts and information about what we are doing in the studio to keep you Kitty Kats hidden away and as safe as we can from COVID-19

You will be asked to sign an additional waiver and policies when you sign up for classes in the studio but you can view them all here too!

All our classes are currently small with between 5 and 7 people per class- following government guidelines for room capacity in fitness classes.

There is NO sharing of equipment so you get your own/pole/hoop/silk etc 

We will provide you with your own clean cloth and cleaning solution when you arrive.

We are still running online sessions as well as studio classes so there are options for you all.

See you in class soon xx

Studio Policy Update

Please visit for all the lowdown on our new policies for Customers and Instructors

Covid -19 Outbreak policy

Normally we only have to deal with outbreaks of sexiness here at Pink Kitten but now due to COVID-19 we have to prepare for viral outbreaks too

Social Distancing Policy

In the words of Sting- Dont Stand So.. dont stand so.. close to me

Please check out our social distancing policy or we will send Sting and The Police round

Hygiene Policy

Sparkly clean and ready to fly

Reopening FAQ

Have you got questions that remain unanswered? Such as is the earth flat or who used all the loo roll? Or just questions regarding your membership and where we are hiding all your pesky credits here is the place to find out…

Covid-19 Info

If you have been hiding away from the media and don’t know what all this COVID-19 business is here is a little snippet of information for you. We are not medical professionals and although I have done a lot of certificates in cleaning I have not quite reached epidemiologist status yet so this info is taken from our main fitness prof body CIMSPA

Studio and Membership changes

Lots of info about pricing and membership changes enclosed within


We have had to make some alterations to our drop in class prices to take into account the fact that you will each have your own piece of equipment, increased cleaning times and we can only offer around 50% of the spaces.