.int adv hoopOur aerial hoop classes in our central Bristol studio are a brilliant way of having fun whilst keeping fit. Our class concentrates on improving fitness, flexibility and strength whilst ensuring that students have fun learning some beautiful moves on the hoop

Our aerial hoop classes include a warm up, strength and flexibility exercises, new aerial hoop moves and transitions every week, working towards short aerial hoop routines.

The hoops will be hung at various heights (low and high depending on class ability) to allow students of all abilities and strength to take part and learn in a supportive environment.

Our aerial classes are always taught by professional aerialists with over 5 years experience in the industry.

We offer classes weekdays, evenings and on the weekend. We recommend that you start with a beginners class if you can make it as this will give you safe foundations for the start of your aerial journey.

Have a Peek at our Beginners Hoop Sessions Below….