About Pink Kitten Dance School

Our classes are more than just dance or fitness classes, they bring empowerment and boost confidence, sometimes in a  life-changing way.

Pink Kitten was founded in Bristol in early 2004, by two women with a passion for Burlesque and Pole Dancing.

Since then Pink Kitten has gone form strength to strength, inspiring people from all over the South West to pick up their dancing shoes…

We now have a team of 12 teachers, who teach over 50 classes a week including Pole Dancing, Floorwork, Circus skills, Burlesque, Aerial Hoop, Flexibility, Aerial Yoga, Booty Shaking, Chair Dance and lots more.

Want to do something a little more fun and exciting than monotonous gym workouts?

Anyone can take part in our classes, no matter what age, shape or size they are.

Pink Kitten students say they feel confident, stronger, sexier and love that they have the opportunity to be creative and express themselves in a supportive environment.

We believe that being SEXY is far more than looking a certain way, being sexy is about having an X-factor that comes from within, and we give you the tools to find that.

Pink Kitten is not only one of  the top schools of its type, but it is a real female business success story.

The school is run by Tabitha Tease  ~ (aka Hannah) who is devoted to providing a safe and inclusive environment for every student.  

She has over 10 years of teaching experience in Pole, Aerial and Dance. She is a certified X-Pert instructor in Pole Dance (Level 1 & 2, 3 & 4), Children’s Pole & Aerial, Aerial Hammock and is training as an X-Pert Trainer (training other instructors worldwide). She also holds qualifications in Level 3 Anatomy, Level 2 Exercise to music, stretch and contortion certifications. 

Tabitha currently teaches many of the classes, hen parties and is available for private lessons whilst running the school, so you will no doubt see her around or speak with her on the phone.



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