Due to COVID-19 we have had to make some small changes to our prices.

 Each student now gets their own piece of equipment for their session which will be cleaned before and after use.

We currently offer

ONLINE Classes £8.80 inc VAT

STUDIO Classes £15 inc VAT

You can currently purchase online and studio passes for  class savings.

Memberships are not currently available to purchase but those with existing memberships should have received an e-mail regarding new policies.

Some members will have rolled up a bank of credits whilst we have been closed to use against classes, please contact the studio about how to activate these if you have not received an e-mail.

Most of our classes fall into two categories

  1. FLIGHT classes
  2. FLOOR classes

FLIGHT CLASSES are normally specialist Aerial/Pole classes, these range between £11 and £14 per hour (price dependant on the length of session). Examples of FLIGHT classes include Pole Dance, Aerial Hoop,

FLOOR CLASSES are sessions to keep your grounded in your training. Whether you are new to Pink Kitten or an experienced pole or aerial student you will find some great classes in this category to help with your flexibility, dance and acrobatic skills. Examples of FLOOR classes include – Booty Shaking, Stretch,  Burlesque and Chairdance along with lots of other classes. Check out the timetable for full details.

BEGINNERS POLE is taught as a 4 week intro course which costs £40. New 4 week courses start every month on the first Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


You can view session availability via our booking system ( link below) and drop into any sessions that have space.

You do not need a membership to take singular classes at Pink Kitten. Just register your details with our online booking system and make a one off payment when you click on your desired class.

Memberships and class passes are available to help you save on your favourite classes.


If you would like to register for a session but it is full, we have a waitlist system where you will be notified via e-mail ( or it is possible to set up notifications via text message please refer ) of any upcoming spaces. You have 4 hours to confirm or decline the booking.


If you want to save money we have class passes on offer or for the die hard pink kitten recurring memberships which give you access to discounts, photoshoots and the option to ask for a reserved space in our most popular classes (subject to availability)

PRACTICES  are £5 for non members and free for anyone on a bronze and above membership