LET US KNOW at least 24 hours in advance!! Classes can only be cancelled for a full refund 24 hours in advance

Cancellations for recurring monthly memberships etc need 20 days notice 

The minimum term for all Memberships is 3 months if you cannot commit to this then please purchase a Class Pass as a one-off payment.

Venue information

 Pink Kitten Dance School currently has a head office and studios in Central Bristol by Cabot Circus . Our studios are easily accessible from the M32 and Templemeads train station, BS5 0TJ.

We have multiple purpose built aerial, pole and dance studios in which we hold our regular classes. We are proud to offer the most varied selection of fun classes available in a single studio in Bristol.

Our studios are busy with classes most evenings but available for hire daytimes weekdays and weekends.

We run regular weely classes Monday to Saturday daytimes and evenings for Adults and 11 Plus kids!

Very occasionally ( if our venue is fully booked) within Bristol we use other venues that may be more suitable for your one off event – your booking receipt will have the full address of the venue on it – please call during office hours Monday to Friday if you are unsure.

Hen party bookings outside Bristol will be held in venues that are central and convenient to your party arrangements.

Change of Dates, Times or Venue

Occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control we must reserve the right to change times, dates and locations of our classes, workshops and parties. If we then cannot meet your needs we will then offer you a full refund. 

We have minimum numbers which must be reached in order for us to be able to run some courses and workshops. Unfortunately, if we do not reach those numbers we are unable to run the course /class/  workshop.  If you are booked onto a course / class/ workshop where this is the case we will offer you a full refund or transfer to another course / workshop.

We make decisions on whetehr we run or cancel daily classes 4 hours before the start time and will run classes aon 2/3 people and cancel if the class is on 1 person or less. Please make sure you provide accurate contact details so we can get in contact in the event of any last minute changes.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to your class be sure to tell your friends about Pink Kitten! Join us on Facebook and Instagram and share our events with your friends. We also offer refer a friend offers for members so ask us for a referal codeso we can give you extra classes for referring friends.

Pole and aerial class Health and Safety

Pink Kitten pole and aerial Teachers are fully covered with public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

All instructors are fully qualified in the discipline they are teaching and receive regular training and are kept up to date on industry standards

Pink Kitten teachers have First Aid training

Pole Dancing and aerial is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant.If you believe that you have any medical conditions which may make Pole Dancing unsuitable then please consult your GP.

You must at all times follow the instruction of our teachers. Students who repeatedly disobey instructions may be asked to leave the class

Please do not invert on the pole without the express permission of the teacher in charge of the lesson. This is to prevent injury to yourself and others.

Whilst our instructors give every attention to your safety throughout the lesson, Pole and aerial circus is a sport like any other, and there is always a danger of getting hurt.

Pink Kitten cannot accept any liability for injuries incurred during the lessons.

Please do not wear moisturiser as this will make the pole very slippery and potentially very dangerous for you and other students.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for your type of booking below

Classes, Courses and Workshops

    Please ensure you arrive on time for your classes, workshops and courses – we cannot run lessons over for late arrivals. If you miss the warm up you will not be allowed to take part in the class due to the risk of injury.

    Please make sure you check your receipt after purchase to ensure you have booked the correct class or course and know the date time and venue details. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding this. Our office is open every day for enquiries

    You will receive a confirmation via e-mail for your booking (please check your junk/spam e-mail inbox) and will normally only be contacted again if there is a change to your class, workshop or course, or you have an outstanding balance to pay.


    Class /Course / Workshop Cancellations

    We will refund in full any class, workshops or courses which are cancelled by Pink Kitten.



    We can only refund classes, courses or workshops which are cancelled by the attendee more than 24 hours before the start date. Some workshops may have longer cancellation periods but this will be noted on the booking page so please check when you book.

    Once the class, course or workshop has started we will not refund missed lessons in any circumstance.



    We can only transfer missed lessons for which there has been a proven physical injury preventing attendance of that class, or if you informed us at least 48 hours before the class or course started that you would be missing a lesson and we agreed to give you a lieu class ( where a discount has already been applied such as a discount code offer or voucher no transfers are allowed and the terms and conditions of the ticket apply).

    Please note a doctors note will be required to prove illness/ injury was severe enough to prevent class attendance.

    If you have booked a course and find that you cannot attend all the classes we are happy to offer alternative classes if available and work to your schedule but you must give at least 7 days notice prior to the course starting or your lessons may  be forfeited.



    Credits must all be used within one calendar month
    Calendar months run from the 1st to the until the 30th/31st
    Our booking system requires 48 hours notice for cancellations in order to reissue credits. (if you do not give the system notice of your absence you forfeit your credit)
    Direct debits should be cancelled within 20 days notice, prior to the 1st of the month in question, or your account may still be charged.
    Unused credits can not be transferred to another month under any circumstances.
    Membership credits will not be returned if your session is a “Late Cancel” (under 24 hours notice prior to session beginning)

    Account cancellations before term end of 12 months require at least 20 days notice of the next payment.

    If you cancel your direct debit without cancelling your membership with us your account will be in arrears and you will have breached the terms of the memberships and be unable to rejoin a monthly membership for 12 months

    We ask that as a point of courtesy, if you cannot make a class, please release your space using our online booking system as soon as you are aware of your pending absence. Even if it is below the 24-hour credit re-issue notice period (a “Late Cancel”). Some classes get very busy and we want all of our students to have the opportunity to enjoy our sessions if spaces become available. If this becomes an ongoing issue, we may have to contact you directly to ask if this session is still suitable for your needs.

    We reserve the right to withdraw any booking to busy classes whereby there is an instance of repeated non-attendance with no notice/explanation.

    If you have a busy schedule and feel that you will have difficulty attending all of your sessions in one month, please look at our alternative Class Passes, which give more flexibility for customers who wish to save but cannot commit to a monthly DD (please note, that these are one-time payment procedures and will not come with all the benefits of a Membership).












    Hen Parties

    You must ensure that you arrive on time for your lesson; we cannot run over lessons so you forfeit the missed time if you are late.

    Please ensure you understand and have read our terms and conditions before you book


    Hen Party Deposit

    Your deposit is used to book and secure your venue and teacher for your chosen date, this is done at the time of booking.

    Your deposit is non refundable as we will still be contracted to pay the teacher and venue once they are booked.

    We will only refund the deposit if we are unable to provide a teacher and venue to your requirements before the party date.


    Hen Party Cancellations

    • One Month
      • If you cancel over 4 weeks in advance of your booking we may be able to book another party in your venue. If this is the case we will refund your deposit less £20 administration fee. If we are unable to book another party, we will be unable to refund your booking fee as this will have been used to secure the teacher and venue.
    • Two weeks
      • Parties which are cancelled two weeks or more before the party date will be entitled to a refund of any amount paid in excess of the deposit.
      • The Deposit is non refundable
    • Less than 14 days
      • Parties that are cancelled less than fourteen days before the date are not entitled to a refund.
      • Deposit is non refundable
      • Payments over and above deposit are non refundable


    We will not teach anyone pole or aerial who is so intoxicated that we believe them to be a danger to themselves on the pole/aerial equipment.

    Our Teachers are professional dance instructors please treat them with respect and politeness. We reserve the riught to refuse to teach parties who arrive too drunk to instruct or who are abusive to the instructor



    You will be informed of your venue location before the party date. Please check the venue type and location carefully before your party takes place. We are happy to try and find alternative venues before the party date but cannot accept responsibility for the location / type of venue not being suitable after the event. All our venues are ones that we have used before on a regular basis (unless we are providing a bespoke hen party for you in a new location) and are suitable for holding our hen parties. If you have certain expectations for your venue, please discuss this before your hen party so that we can ensure you are aware of the venue limitations.

    We will use function rooms, bars, clubs, dance studios and gyms, all of which are privately owned and we do the best to make sure that they are clean.  If there is a problem with the venue on your arrival, please tell the teacher and call the out of hours number so we can attempt to rectify the problem for the party. We have no responsibility for the state of  floors and toilets in the venues we use as they are privately owned, although we try our best to make sure these are clean for your party, again please let the teacher know if there is an issue with the facilities so that they can endeavour to solve the issue efore and  during your party.

    Problems that are not brought to the attention of the teacher at the time/ brought to the companies attention at the time, will not be recognised as a complaint after the party has finished.  We will always take complaints seriously and try and solve the problem as best we can so that you can enjoy your party but we can only do this if you voice your concerns at the time, there is nothing we can do once the party is over. You can always contact someone on 07445 453461 / 07980804720

    Third Party classes organised/hosted by Pink Kitten Dance School

    Although we try our best to ensure that teaching is of the highest standard at Pink Kitten, we cannot be held responsible for the standard of visiting external teachers or venue choices made for classes arranged by outside teachers.

    If you attend a class at one of our studios organised by a third party we will do our best to help out with any issues or concerns you have but please try to contact the organiser initially