Aerial Yoga

7Our Aerial Yoga classes are a brilliant new way to keep fit and have fun.

Take to the air with our flying fitness course a fusion of Aerial Yoga, Aerial Pilates and Silk Loop aerial circus.  The 4 week course costs £40  and there is a maximum of 6 places per class ( if you have done a  taster or have aerial experience you can drop into class for £10, give us a ring to find out more and find out if there are spaces)

Half of the lesson is dedicated to using the aerial yoga sling to explore deep stretches, gaining greater flexibility and core strength then in the second half of the lesson we explore the amazing world of tricks: simple flips, spinning, swinging and conditioning in the air (available for the adventurous at heart!)

The class is aimed at multiple levels with options for beginners and couch potatoes and deeper harder stretches, core conditioning and holds for  the more experienced and flexible.

Classes on

Wednesday 6-7

Thursday 8:45-9:45