Frequently Asked (COVIDY) Questions


We had so many questions from students about Studio and Online classes that we decided to create a special Covid -19 FAQ area. The questions are separated into ONLINE and STUDIO to make things easier.


Q: Will you be continuing with online classes in the future?
A: At the moment YES! We will be running online classes with the new reduced timetable (see below). We will be re assessing this every month but have set up screens and wifi in each studio so we can live stream some studio classes. This means that even if you have to self isolate you can still come to class just virtually. There will be less online spaces than now and the online spaces will be cheaper to reflect the difference in experience.

Q: What classes will remain online when you change the timetables and add studio classes?
A: Classes with a higher level of cardio ( higher risk of transmission), and classes that do not need to be in the studio such as the stretch classes will remain online. We must initially prioritise the equipment classes so there is actually not enough studio space for all the sessions at the moment due to cleaning time and reduced class sizes.

Q: Can I still buy an online pass
A: Yes online class passes will remain available to purchase and last for 2/3 months


Q: Why are the “drop in” prices more expensive than before?

A. Unfortunately, as we are only allowed a small number of students in each studio with one student per pole/hoop/silks  and in order to be viable we must still cover our overheads.  To give you an idea of the change of revenue for pk, where we could at for a peak class get 20 people in studio 2 we can now just have 7.  With costs increasing for cleaning, hand sanitisers, alcohol etc it was essential to increase the price slightly. 

Q: Why aren’t we doing direct debit membership anymore? Will they return?
A: The memberships will return soon but we need a bit of time to work out the ongoing costs and how the credits will work on Go Team Up. We hope to relaunch the membership schemes later in the year. Those who have existing memberships should have received an e-mail outlining what is happening to their credits.

Q: Will studio toilets be open?
A: The toilets will be open but we would ask students to keep their use to a minimum and not to hang around and use them for changing or  makeup. We would ask students to

Q: Will sharing poles be allowed?
A: No we will not be sharing any equipment. To fully disinfect a hard surface the disinfectant/antiviral must remain wet on the surface for between 3-5 minutes and we don’t believe this can be done safely or effectively during a class. We will be asking students to clean their poles but all equipment and studios will be cleaned between classes

Q: Do I need to wear a mask to class? Can I wear one if I want to?
A: You are welcome to wear one if it makes you feel safer however it is not compulsory. We will ask you to wear a mask while you are walking around the studio and if you need to be spotted for any moves. But until it’s made mandatory you will have the option.

Q: What safety procedures have been put in place at the studio?

A: Lots of procedures have been put in place which you will see on the waiver you sign when next booking a studio class. The main ones are social distancing to be maintained at all times, hand sanitiser readily available at all entry points, Students must enter through t a specific entry and will be met by the instructor 5 minutes before the session, clean towels will be provided to each student at the beginning of each class and must not be shared, high % alcohol is being provided to clean poles, reduced class numbers and more.

Q: I’m not sure I’m ready to come back to group classes!

A: We are aware that some people may be worried about coming back to classes which is why we have kept online classes going. We are also keeping lots of slots open for private and semi private classes which are available in all disciplines. If you fancy creating your own class you can book a slot for you and a small group of friends and create your own bubble.

We are making every effort to keep both our customers and instructors safe and hopefully we will be able to stay open and provide you all with fun classes during this crisis.

If you have any more questions or concerns please drop us an email! We will be happy to help. In the mean time please head to or site and book in for your classes