Practice Class

Drop in Class

All students and non-students are welcome to this drop in practice pole gemini


Drop-ins held

Friday evenings from 5:45 till 7pm

Sunday 5-6pm

Please check the TIMETABLE for up to date times


No booking necessary but please check the Facebook feed on our news page for any last minute cancellations

If you wish to drop in and practise you can bring money on the day


FREE with memberships

The Class

This class is for you to practice what you already know. You must not teach yourselves or others in these sessions.

The class is open to all pole dancers and aerialists from all schools

The class is open to all abilities from beginner to advanced

There will be a trained teacher on hand to help you with your  warm up and advise on anything you need help on

You must be in the process of or have completed at least a beginners pole course ( can be with any school!)

Book a Practice Class

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