Pole-esque is a fusion of Pole Dancing, Chair Dancing, Exotic Dance  and Burlesque.


Our Pole-esque course was designed for those who just love to dance, strut, wiggle and create routines. No previous knowledge of any of the dance forms is needed. The pole moves are suitable for all abilities and the focus is on dancing  with the pole in a fluid and sexy way and making transitions round the pole rather than spins and tricks (try our level 1-4 pole courses if you want to learn more advanced spins and tricks)

During the 4 week course you can learn a variety of modern and classic dance moves and techniques which will be brought together into a routine set to a classic song. We will be using a mixture of modern songs and classic burlesque music to dance to.

The Pole-esque course compliments our burlesque and lapdancing courses bringing a variety of dance techniques together it also compliments our regular pole classes as well, giving more experienced pole dancers the opportunity to concentrate on the dancing element of pole dancing and interactions between the  pole the floor and the dance space you are in

Our Pole-esque students, as with all our other students, have the opportunity to perform at our showcases.


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