Pole Dancing Information

What to Bring and Wear For Pole Dance Courses:

  • It is essential that you do not wear any oils or body lotions when you are on the pole as this can cause a hazard to yourself and others.
  • For pole dancing, it is essential that you have bare legs so that you can grip the pole.
  • Most people either wear shorts or a short skirt with shorts underneath.
  • If you are feeling a bit more modest you can wear a longer skirt and hitch it up when you need to.
  • On top just wear a vest or top you can move in easily.
  • You might want to bring trainers and jogging bottoms for the warm-up. It is not essential to Pole Dance in high heels but it helps you pull off sexy shapes. Wear high-heeled boots or shoes that do not have slippery soles, big wedge heels or very pointed toes.

Other Preparation:


  • Strength
    In a Pole Dancing class you often use muscles you have never really used before and a lot of people say that they are quite stiff after the first lesson. This is normally not so bad by the second week. Any exercises that help you build upper body strength such as push-ups or planks will give you a head start.
  • Bruising
    When you first start Pole Dancing you are likely to get a few bruises as you knock the pole. This gets less as you develop your technique and your skin gets more resistant. You can take arnica or zinc tablets, or use arnica cream to help prevent this. If you feel you are getting really quite sore in the lesson please ask the teacher to check your technique as there may be something simple you can change.
  • Slippery Hands
    It’s quite normal when you start out Pole Dancing to get slippery hands, partly because you are working out and partly because as we feel slightly nervous the hands start to get a bit clammy. About one-tenth of people get really slippery hands and this can make things quite difficult. If you get this you can buy special grip powder to help and we have this in store.