Ah!  The fresh start of a new year – a time bursting with promise and excitement, of adventures yet unchallenged, ambitions yet to be achieved and new territories to discover!  We can’t wait!

2013 is the year to have fun and feel good about yourself!  If you’ve yet to make new year resolutions and are looking for inspiration, or already have ideas but not sure how to stick to them, Pink Kitten can help you on your exciting journey into 2013!  This weekend, 5th and 6th of Jan, Pink Kitten is hosting a whole weekend of taster sessions too for resolution inspiration!


Resolution 1 – Get Fit and Healthy

tabitha tease pole dance teacher for pink kitten doing a spin

Mix fun and fitness with a wide variety of

dance classes – pole dance will tone and strengthen the whole body; hula hooping can burn up to 600 calories an hour; tap dancing is full of fun and footwork to keep you fit without realising it!  These are so much more fun than going to the gym!



Resolution 2 – Love Yourself

If Winter has left you feeling drab, there’s no better way for a confidence boost than a Pink Kitten class.  Especially with Beginner and Intermediate Burlesque courses, you’ll learn all the struts, shimmies and poise needed to release your fabulous inner showgirl!  Learn how to look like a vintage pin up star with a Vintage Hair Styling Course too! We believe in helping students feel great about themselves in all our classes and have a strong supportive environment.  We love to celebrate this with our student showcases!

bunnies chair dance easter showcase








Resolution 3 – Chill Out More

If 2012 found you getting tense and frustrated with modern day pressures, take time out to relax and centre yourself.  Our Hatha Yoga, Fab & Flexi and Flying Fitness (new courses coming soon for 2013) sessions are a great escape from the busy life schedule.  We’ve bespoke tailored these classes to compliment our main timetable of exotic dance but sessions are suitable for beginners.  You’ll find yourself feeling stress-free in no time!


poppy von tarte teaching the art of seduction for pink kitten dance schoolResolution 4 – Get Exotic

Get things hot in the bedroom!  Our Chairdance & Lapdance course will give you a multitude of tricks and tease in this most intimate of dance styles.  For the pole dancers amongst you – learn down and dirty moves and routines with Exotic Pole working with a a range of different music to suit all tastes.  With these techniques up your sleeve, your audience of one will be completely mesmerised!




Resolution 5 – Learn Something New (Every Week!)

lisa truscott circus performer on the silks / corde lisse

If you want a ‘something new’ fix every weekend, you can try out loads of our wide varying and exciting workshops.  From Aerial Circus Skills (and Chinese Pole with Edd Muir) to men’s specific classes (Men’s Pole Dance, Boylesque); from pole techniques (Doubles, Spin Combo’s), from lifestyle (Love Letter Writing) to exotic (The Art of Seduction, Steamy Striptease, Chairdance, Lapdance).