Sunday April 7, 2013 – Sunday April 7, 2013

The Old Malthouse

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Make gorgeous nipple tassles and learn how to swirl them around and around with Tabitha Tease!

Come and spend a relaxing 2 hour workshop having a chat, catching up on gossip, sipping on tea and making your own bespoke nipple tassles.   Tabitha has a variety of designs, shapes and materials to work with so you’ll be able to make the perfect pair to exactly to your taste.  Go for a classic glitter/sequin/ fabric based design, or something more bespoke with our variety of unique shapes.  There will be plenty of equipment available for all.  This has to be the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

Once you have made your tassles, you’ll learn how to make them twirl in the most mesmerising fashion!  Who knew that tassles could twirl in a variety of directions by using different techniques!?  Nudity is not neccessary, you can try them on top of what you’re wearing (be sure it’s a top you don’t mind getting tape on), however if you want to have a go, then join in!

This is especially suited to all you burlesque starlets looking to perform in our student cabarets – you can make a pair that will match your outfit!


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