December – traditionally a time of chilly weather, excessive heating bills, and generally overdoing it in the food department. It’s pretty tricky when the weather outside is frightful not to stay inside and grab another Twiglet to dip into your cheeky alcoholic hot chocolate, while watching Kermit the Frog sing a heartbreaking Christmas song.

Luckily Santa stopped off early at the Pink Kitten Studio to bring a few December treats to all the good Kitty Kats! So turn that TV off, put the snacks down and come and get toasty warm at 3 new classes we’re putting on to help you stay toned and fit over the festive holiday!


Booty shakin

The first is a brand new class here at Pink Kitten that we’ve NEVER done before! Tuesday Laveau   – one of our sexy, sassy burlesque teachers, is taking a new Booty Bonanza’ class on a Thursday to get  you movin’ and quakin’! Just £10 for two classes, £6 a class, and your first one half price, this will cast out those cold December nights while you strut your stuff and move that butt!

Register here each week for an hour of shakin:



Pink Kittens-34

Next up due to popular demand we have an extra Aerial Hoop class, which means if you’re really dedicated you can now Hoop at Pink Kitten 6 days of the week! Now on a Thursday at 6pm, you can come down  to learn some gravity defying tricks, and work on flexibility and strength while having a great time.

Sign up here to spend your Thursday nights flying, but be quick as our 6pm classes are our most popular: 




Finally we are excited to be kickstarting your weekend with a Pole class straight from work, so there’s no excuse not to get some exercise in before the weekend starts! Our new mixed ability pole class will be from 4:30 – 5:30pm on a Friday, so you can pop in after a stressful day and get in the mood for the weekend with some spins and tricks. This runs into our Friday practice session, so stick around afterwards to master that particular move you’ve been working on!

Sign up to our stressbusting Friday pole class below:



See you at a class soon!


Pink Kitten x