We don’t know about you but we love the circus!  With all that shimmying up chinese poles and soaring in the sky with aerial hoops, trapezes, ropes and silks.  Not to mention having a good ol’ hula with a hoop or two or three or four!  Keep reading to see what circus treats we have in store for you:


Chinese Pole Workshop with Justine Squire


We’re excited to have invited Justine Squire a leading performer and teacher of Chinese Pole to run this 3 hour event for us!


We  will cover the initial aspects of Chinese Pole work including how to prepare the body and muscles for aerial work, basic aerial safety, building upper body strength (through conditioning on the pole), and learning basic climbs, positions and sequences.


The workshop will be run according to needs of the group and will be a fun and supportive environment to try something a little different


Aerial work requires a certain level of fitness and upper body strength but don’t let this put you off!   It just means you will progress faster being able to hold your own weight. The strength will be gained by doing working on the pole and conditioning. The main thing is to have fun and try something new.


Price: £40


Sunday 20th November / The Island / 11am – 2pm


More information and booking can be found here: BOOK NOW




Mixed Aerial – Silks, Rope, Trapeze, Hoop


If you have ever wanted to run away to the circus on a regular basis then this is the workshop for you!  Our 3 hour mixed aerial workshops are so popular that we’re making them a regular monthly event.  This means you’ll be able to build on your skills, confidence and repetoire of moves!


We’ve also listened to your feedback; we now have two teachers available in the lesson which allows you more freedom to work on the apparatus you choose! Come hang out in the sky with us, we have November and December’s events available to book, so why not sign up to both?


Price: £30


BOOK NOW: Mixed Aerial November 26th


BOOK NOW: Mixed Aerial December 18th



Hula Hoop Dance Workshop


Let Pink Kitten take you back to your youth and give you a warm nostalgic buzz with our hula hoop workshop!


In this workshop we will be starting with the basics – learning to get the hoop moving and keep it moving, learning some simple tricks round various body parts and  pulling all we have learnt together to perform a  brilliant Pink Kitten Group hooping routine. For those who have already attended the workshop Lisa always has a few new tricks up her sleeve for you.


Not only is hula hooping an amazing way to keep fit and trim (especially round the waist!) it’s a lot of fun aswell.   When hooping at full speed the average hoop dance class could have you burn as much as 100 calories in 10 minutes!  Perfect to work off an indulgent Christmas season!


Price: £15


Saturday 21st January / Fitness 4 Less / 2pm – 3:30pm






Pink Kitten Christmas Cabaret


And in other news, we’re super chuffed to be able to announce the date for our Christmas student show!  On the 17th of December our students will be performing and showcasing their talents from all our courses.  If you’re a student that would like to be involved you can chat with your teacher or contact the office.  One to one sessions are also available in the run up to the show. 


Or, if you haven’t quite made it to our lessons, this is a great opportunity to find out more about the exciting classes provided by Pink Kitten!  More information can be found here:


Pink Kitten Christmas Cabaret




Pink Kitten Calendar


Now, there’s a whispering in the corridors of Pink Kitten HQ that Pink Kitten will be creating a Kitten calendar…  Keep your beady eyes peeled on the forum and Facebook as further details and how you can be involved are released!






For those who haven’t discovered it yet we now have a forum on the Pink Kitten website. Join upto chat with other Pink Kittens, keep up with Pink Kitten News and developments. Signed in forum members will also receive discounts on certain workshops and should find sign up to each event faster and easier as the site will remember you and prefill your basic contact details.






Love and pink elephants,

Poppy Von Tarte & Tabitha Tease x