Wow what a show!

Having missed the last show  ( Booo) due to working on a Christmas  contract in Essex i had forgotten the thrill and excitement that builds up before one of our fabulous student shows. This one was my first at the new Pink Kitten studio and we had decided to try out a new format , which we hoped would work out and make the show amazing for performers and audiance! – feedback welcome…. be nice

So 50 chairs ordered and unloaded at PK HQ we set about turning the Pink Kitten pole and burlesque studios into a sumptuous event venue complete with bar, changing room, stage and sexy time bean bag ( Hannah F)! With the lights dimmed and set to hot pink, friends and family seated and beveraged up and the clock ticking down to 8.30 the performers nervously awaited the call for the first act!

And what an opening act! with a spring in their step our Burlesque ladies opened the night with a troupe performance highlighting the more raunchy side of spring with the Birds and the Bees.

Birds and Bees

This was followed by a mixture of amazing burlesque , pole and pole esque performances from some of our newer students. Who we applaud for having the guts to get up on stage and strut their stuff! Go ladies!

Ophilia L’Amour

Noire Bustier

Cannon Belle

Valeska Faye

Darcie Dickwell

Ruby Derriere

The second half of the show was opened by myself with a showcase of aerial hammock a new course we have started running on a weds 6-7pm

This was  then followed by some of our more shall we say…seasoned students and performers 🙂 who gave some jaw dropping and belly shaking performances



Pink Panthers – Lizzie and Marie


If you missed the show i hope you enjoyed watching our students performances and maybe it has inspired you to take up one of our classes as your new hobby, we currently have classes in Burlesque, Pole Dancing, Pole-esque, Aerial Hammock/ Flying Fitness, Hula Hoop , Can Can, Aerial Hoop, Circus so there is something for everyone hopefully!

Thanks to all those who helped out before the event setting up and organising the room ready for the evening, those who helped man the door and bar, our pole cleaner Helena and stage managers hannah and helena and for poppy for being a great compère for the evening and DJ Madds for keeping us in great sounds all evening.

Tabitha xx