Hello Poppy!

After I last wrote, I had a visit to the lovely town of Kutna Hora. They have an Ossuary church there that is decorated with bones from over 4000 people – incredible. And beautiful, if a little morbid but I like that those things can be combined.

During my last wandering in Prague, I came across a gallery that had a painting of a woman in it who really struck me. She was dressed in black, with a gigantic bustle, bright ginger hair and a knowing look. I like to think that if this woman was real, we’d be kindred spirits.

My next move was onto Olomouc, and whilst making my way into town I passed a bar with a very happy but also very drunk man standing in the doorway. He spoke to me, I apologised in English that I had no idea what he said, and he seemed happy to carry on talking to me, even putting a jovial arm over my shoulder. His good feeling was infectious so I couldn’t help but laugh as I removed his arm from around me.

I took this as a good omen as I went to the tourist office to help me find a place to stay. I was at first a little nervous but thought, I’m Machete Rose, I can do anything I put my mind to!

So curiously enough I find myself housed in a swimming pool. I kid not. My room smells of disinfectant and the shower curtains are just that little bit too small, so I feel a bit like I’m giving away a free peep show! To help me feel a bit more relaxed here, I did a few burlesque stretches and felt much better for it.

I went to the Art Museum here, there was a photography exhibition where there were a lot of nudes. I quite liked the artist’s style, with pop art influence. The one that stood out to me was called Nothingness. The image had an ephemeral quality and looked like it had been worn away – that the woman might disappear when I turned away. I found it curious that it was not left simply as untitled but there was something important enough about her to give the image a name, but still use the word, Nothingness. I also like that fact he named one of his other pieces – Flowers of Evil.

I went to see a band last night and stuck around for the DJs afterwards. I saw some girls dancing with a torn strip of decoration and were twirling it around. It made me think they were using it a bit like a feather boa and thought I bet the Pink Kitten girls could show them a thing or two about that!

Keep twirling girls!
Machete xxx