Here in the Pink Kitten office we have trying to keep our hula hoops spinning round our waists with not much success so thought it was about time we got a professional in to show us how its done.

Luckily we didn’t have to look far, as Lisa who also teaches the popular trapeze workshop is a multi talented lady and is going to teach us all how to hoop like we’ve never hooped before!

So if you fancy trying your hand at a bit of Hoop Dance join us at the Pink Kitten Dance School Introduction to Hula Hoop and Hoop Dance Workshop

 Let Pink Kitten Dance School take you back to your youth and give you a warm nostalgic buzz with our Hula Hoop Workshop.

In this workshop we will be starting with the basics – learning to get the hoop moving and keep it moving, learning some simple tricks round various body parts and  hopefully pulling all we have learnt together to perform a  brilliant Pink Kitten Group Hooping routine.

Think you can’t Hula Hoop!

We will be teaching with full size adult hoops which are bigger and heavier than the children’s hoops you have probably tried to hoop with, these hula hoops are so much easier to keep moving.

The workshop will be paced in line with the abilities of the group as a whole, but is recommended for those who haven’t hula hooped for a while or wish to learn the basics from scratch.  Don’t worry though as after a few goes you will be mastering moves you never thought possible in such a short space of time!

Hooping for Fitness and for Fun

Not only is hula hooping an amazing way to keep fit and trim (especially round the waist!) it’s a lot of fun aswell.   When hooping at full speed the average hoop dance class could have you burning as much as 100 calories in 10 minutes!

What to Wear

 To get the most out of the  Pink Kitten Hula Hooping class, you will want to wear:

  • Comfortable clothing, not too loose or it will make hooping harder.
  • No belts/ embellishments on the waist area of your clothes
  • Flat shoes or trainers

So lets boost our confidence get into shape and most importantly rewind time ( without the facelift) with the Pink Kitten Hula Hoop Workshop

Date : Saturday 6th November  1.5 Hours

Cost:  £10

Venue: Fitness First

Time: 12:30- 2:00

Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking