Pink Kitten founder Keda Breeze is thrilled to account her next Hoochie Coochie Kabaret in Bristol;

“Nights at the Circus”

A night of magic, mayhem and mischief with dancing clowns, man eating ring mistresses, girls in tiny glass boxes, fire eating showgirls, over the hill cabaret acts, b boy jugglers, strip teasing zebra’s and performing reptiles.

Bought to you by some of the finest performers you can see in the UK today…
Delia Du Solie
Keda Breeze
Opheia Bitz
Bongo Bollero
The Crystal Clown
Lady Lilleth’s Travelling Reptile Display
Richard Durnford
Femme Ferale
Matt Pang

Best seats go to the first to book.
Advance booking VERY HIGHLY recommended from Bristol Ticket Shop
£7 standing, £11 balcony seats, £13 front row seats, £15 table seats
Available from now from 0870 44 44 400

After party with the sensational BANG DJ’s until 2 am
Doors open 7.30, last seating 8.30, cabaret ends 11.30

Dress Code
Ringmasters and mistresses, dancing animals, clowns and chorus girls

About Hoochie Coochie
A night out to Hoochie Coochie is many things; the glamour of a trip to the theatre and the thrill of a trip to the circus, with beautiful and bizarre cabaret acts. Above all Hoochie Coochie is incredibly entertaining and a wonderful night out
Hoochie Coochie features top national and international cabaret performers. It is held in a stunning Edwardian baroque building, attended by revellers in flamboyant costume. Dinner is available on the night. For dinner menu see Metropolis website

Visit the Hoochie Coochie Website HERE!