Hello Pink Kittens!
Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble, pole of chrome from where the zombies roam, creatures grotesque with a flash of burlesque…We here at the Pink Kitten coven have been brewing some devilishly delightful goodies for you!  With brand spanking new classes (including Cheerleading and Can-Can), updates to our burlesque courses and our Halloween showcase, we’ve been terribly busy!  No rest for the wicked eh?  The Halloween Spooky Spectacular is a great way to witness the smorgasbord of goings on at Pink Kitten, we’d love for you to come on by!

Check out all the ingredients in our big pink cauldron below:

Halloween Show

Halloween Spooky Spectacular

This Halloween, expect to be tricked and treated at the Pink Kitten Dance School Spooky Spectacular – we know how to send that shiver down your spine in both fear and excitement!  We will be thrilled to have you join us for an evening of gruesome entertainment involving the students at Pink Kitten with more zombies, freakery and hijinks than you can shake a dismembered limb at!  We have a whole host of acts cooking up for you in our big pink cauldron including grotesque burlesque, petrifying pole-esque and pole dance, all sprinkled and seasoned with Thriller, Cheerleading and Can Can.  You wouldn’t want to meet this lot down a dark alley… Or would you?
The show is October 22nd2011, doors creak open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8pm promptly, latecomers will be fed to our zombies (which may mean you miss the show).   To join the dark side is only £5, tickets available in advance online  HERE
Free/reduced entry is available to non-performers if you want to sign up and help out with the bar/door/shop.  These are limited places so get in there quick!  For more information about being a dark side minion and to snap up a place email Hannah

Upcoming Workshops

Hula Hoop making workshop

 Has your hoop swooped its last loop?  Are you in need of a hoop in your home?  You need Pink Kitten’s Hula Hoop Making Workshop! Make your own full size adult hula hoop and then make it pretty!
This weekend! 15th October 12:00-1:00 pm

Thriller routine workshop

How many times have you heard Thriller and wanted to bust out the routine? And how often was that followed with, ‘dammit, I don’t know any steps’. Never more shall this situation plague you! Get booked onto the workshopand have that routine handy for all Thriller occurrences! Come along, dress like a zombie showgirl, put your best gangrenous foot forward and learn a ‘Thriller Inspired’ routine with us!  Tabitha Tease will be leading you through this spookily sensational routine.Participants will have the opportunity to perform at the Halloween show but you don’t have to, so put your best gangrenous leg forward and come along anyway!

Only £7
This weekend! 15th October 3:30 – 5pm

Chinese pole

Pink Kitten gives you the opportunity to try out the fantastic Chinese pole! A 3 hour workshop led by the talented Justine Squire, will give you a great insight into the workings of Chinese pole. So if circus is your thing, get involved, you don’t want to miss out on this! This is great for Pole Dancers!
This weekend! 16th October 3 hours £40

Mixed aerial – Silks rope and trapeze

If you have ever fancied running away to the Circus then this is the workshop for you. All abilities welcome
Escape gravity for a few hours and hang out in the sky with us. This workshop is always popular so get booking now.
We aim to make this a regular class where participants can choose which apparatus they wish to work on, following on from some great feedback from last time.
22nd October 3 hours £30

Hoop Dance

Don’t know how to hoop?  Think you haven’t got a hoop in hell of learning?  You need Pink Kitten’s Hula Hoop Dance Workshop!  Suitable for beginners, we will have you hooping round your waist, neck, arms, legs, you name it we’ll try and hoop round it! Great if you have attended the hula hoop making workshop and want to try out some hooping.
22nd Oct £10

New Courses

New Cheerleading Course

Cheerlead with Pink Kitten!  We are running a drop-in cheerleading class every Wednesday from 21:30 – 22:30 at the DMAC studio (Hamilton House, Stokes Croft). This class is open to all genders, so if you ever wanted to be able to wield a pompom or two, now is your chance!
Don’t miss the first outing of our cheerleading troupe at the Halloween show


Pink Kitten’s very own Can Can troupe has been running for just over a year now, they have performed at various events including Bath fringe and Chepstow Steampunk festival. Come along to our  drop in sessions every Wednesday from 20:15 – 21:15 at the DMAC studio (Hamilton house, Stokes Croft) and have some ‘ooh la la’,bawdy, high-kicking screaming fun with us!

Burlesque course update

We’re excited to have had a restructure of the courses to be able to offer you even more tuition and excellence at all levels of burlesque.  We have new 4 week Beginner and Intermediate courses starting on Oct 27th and again on Nov 24th and we can now offer our Advanced Burlesque Lab which is a weekly drop in session (£10) on Tuesday evenings where not only can performers work on acts with the support and feedback of their peers but with the expert drectorial input from Poppy von Tarte.
4 Week Beginners course £50
4 Week intermediate course £45
Advanced Lab £10 per session


For those who haven’t discovered it yet we now have a forum on the Pink Kitten website. Join up to chat with other Pink Kittens, keep up with Pink Kitten News and developments. Signed in forum members will also receive discounts on certain workshops and should find sign up to each event faster and easier as the site will remember you and prefill your basic contact details.
We may have just divulged the ingredients to our cauldron mix, but included is the special sauce, known only to Pink Kittens, that make our classes spectacular.  Come and get some and see what it’s about!Love and shrunken heads,

Poppy Von Tarte & Tabitha Tease x