With You Tube and other social media sites being inundated with a flurry of slinky moves, sexy poses and smokin’ hot routines on the pole, you’d be right in thinking the masses have something to say.  Headed by United Pole Artists, last week was deemed ‘Bringing Sexy Back Week’ where pole dancers from around the world were encouraged to show off their raunchy side and upload videos and pictures to the internet.  Damn, there’s a lot of confident sexy women out there, and they’re proud of it too!


Of late there has been a big push on the fitness and sports side of pole, which we can’t deny, is a big part of pole dancing.  Pole artists are asking though – what happened to sexy?  The intrigue, the hook that piqued your interest in the first place, the being unabashedly sensual whilst dancing; are we in danger of that being forgotten?


Last week many women celebrated their inner raunchiness – but Pink Kitten love a bit of raunch all year round!  This Monday saw the start of our exotic pole course where we will be bringing sexy back  for 4 weeks- using our best moves from our Lapdance, Exotic Pole and Seduction classes, we’re going to have a hell of a steamy studio!