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We chat with the BBC’S minxy Graham Torrington from Late night lurrrve!

Pink Kitten founderwas on BBC Bristol Radio today (3rd December) having a good old chin wag with Graham Torrington, informing him of her 7 year history in the burlesque world, and what is involved in the art of burlesque.

She made a big shout out to promote her ever glamorous Hoochie Coochie Kabaret to all of Bristol and Bath. Next Tuesday and Wednesday, the 8th and 9th of December at Metropolis on Stokes Croft.
Grab your tickets now boys and girls!

The Boylesque star ‘General subtle tease’ (performing at Hoochie!) also said a few words, giving our brilliant city an insight into the awesome world of male burlesque as he is the 2009 tournament of tease winner. Stating “Few people make an ordeal when men are violent on television these days, but when men show affection there are countless complaints!”

Pink Kitten is fully supportive for any men that want to do learn burlesque striptease, let us know your views?

cropped-keda-in-venue featured in Venue magazine, she will be performing her spectacular ‘power tool princess’ routine at Hoochie, come along and watch the sparks fly.. Literally!