Pink Kitten Bollywood Parties

The lesson begins with a brief chat about the history of Bollywood. This is then followed by a warm up incorporating some basic Bollywood dance moves and  a tour through some classic Bollywood movements and poses. Soon you will be shimmying and dancing round the room like the leading lady of a blockbuster Bollywood movie!

Finally we will bring together all the moves into a fantastic routine, complete with coin scarves and bangles, to the song Jai Ho! (from the movie Slum Dog Millionaire) that everyone will be able to do.  As in any great Bollywood movie, the lesson will finish with the whole group shimmying together as you perform the routine for your finale

There will be an opportunity to take group photos and film your routine and your teacher can even show you some classic Bollywood siren poses!

What to Bring and Wear

We won’t be doing any particularly athletic moves, so you don’t need to wear anything special for it. Although the lesson is a great exercise, we don’t expect you to get too hot and sweaty in it, so if you wanted to go straight out afterwards, without changing or redoing hair and make up, this should be fine.

We will provide coin belts and bangles for all members of the party.

If you wish to take any Coin belts, feather boas, hula hoops, nipple tassles or pompoms home with you, please let Pink Kitten know before your event and we will provide these items for you at an agreed cost.

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