Here at Pink Kitten we think it’s very unfair for only the girls to get a go at Burlesque so we have started a course especially for the Pink Kitten Boys.

Boylesque is male Burlesque and has been around as long as burlesque has, but there is a serious lack of classes and lessons for those who would like to give it a go.

We have regular workshops during the year covering different styles and aspects of Boylesque. Students will learn the fundamentals of Boylesque history and style, develop a character and persona, and create, costume, and choreograph their own routine in a fully supported atmosphere. The course will be led by Screaming Keating, our favourite Boylesque Star!

Areas covered will be finding your inner boylesque character, tease and striptease, stage presence, prop work etc. The course will follow a similar structure to our other burlesque courses but has been specially designed and tweaked to account for the more masculine side to Boylesque. We will explorer the multiple meanings and interpretations of Boylesque in all its masculine glory so therefore this course is open to ALL genders, sexual orientations, identities, races, religions etc..

The more the merrier and the bigger the diversity the better the course.

Come on boys join in the fun and find out what the girls have been up to.



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