Bring and wear

What to Bring and Wear


If you are going straight out from your Burlesque hen party and don’t want to carry a change of outfit that should be fine, as you shouldn’t be doing anything that makes you too hot and sweaty. Likewise you shouldn’t need to redo hair and make up afterwards.

We don’t do any moves that are too athletic, so you don’t need to wear any special dance or sports clothes for the Burlesque lesson, but it is good to be wear an outfit you feel sexy in to help you get in character. We do recommend you wear high heels as they really help you pull off sexy Burlesque dance moves.

Please bring with you a shirt or cardigan that you can layer over your clothes for the Burlesque striptease section, we provide feather boas.

Pole Dancing

Comfortable clothing but something you’d feel sexy in. Bare legs are needed so you are able to grip the poles. We would suggest wearing shorts or a skirt with shorts underneath to get the most from the session. Don’t forget your heels!


Comfortable loose fitting clothing such as jogging bottoms or leggings. Hot pants or short skirts are great for those daring enough! Please ensure everyone in the group brings a pair of trainers. We will provide basic cheer pom poms


Comfortable loose fitting clothing and socks/comfortable shoes ( we often do this class in bare feet/in socks)

80’s Dance Party

Comfortable clothing. Many groups wear legwarmerss and neon /80’s clothes.  Think Dirty Dancing, Fame, Footloose!


Comfortable clothing are a must but make sure you still feel sexy.  In the past groups have dressed to impress with evening gowns high heels and faux fur.