Our fabulous Pole dance fitness and Burlesque classes are available weekly in Stroud.

Held at Stroud rugby club on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings the classes are a great way to get fit, confident and meet new friends or maybe an excuse to hang out with old friends!

No experience needed to join any of our classes our fantastic teacher Terri has over 15 years teaching experience and will make you feel at home straight away

Pole Dancing

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11 comments on “Stroud
  1. Fay says:

    I was wondering if you did aerial silks or trapeze on Stroud?

  2. Hi Fay, Unfortunately we don’ t currently run silks or trapeze classes in stroud. We are looking into the possibility of running some one off workshops in the area. Otherwise quite a lot of students attend our monthly 3 hour aerial workshop Hope to see you there

  3. Steph says:

    Hello! Are you still running a Stroud pole fitness group? I would like to start in the new year, could you please tell me prices/times for beginner classes. Many thanks!

  4. Claire Byard says:

    hi steph yes classes start up again this tuesday you can book here for beginners and here for intermediates starting 6th January

  5. Hannah says:

    Hi do you only do classes for beginners on a Tuesday evening?

  6. Claire Byard says:

    Hi Hannah,

    Our Stroud classes currently only run on a Tuesday evening, which includes Beginners at 8pm and Intermediates at 7pm. We are looking to run more classes in Stroud so keep checking back on our website for more details. Thanks! xx

  7. sarah says:

    Are there any burlesque classes planned for stroud any time soon?

  8. Verity says:

    Hi, been looking for an email address to write to but can’t find one? Enquiring about the beginner pole dance classes in stroud and some clear clarification on what is what ie. venue, prices, avaliability etc. just getting a bit confused sorry! Thanks x

  9. Claire Byard says:

    Hi verity our e-mail address is xx

  10. Lesley-ann Stevens says:

    Hello can you tell me the dates and times for the next beginners four week course starting in May please.

  11. Holly-Anne Walker says:

    Hello! We have a choice of three beginners classes for May wednesday 11am, wednesday 6pm, tuesday 715 🙂 you can book here “find your chsoen time and click register” xx:

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