Cheerleading is the latest fitness craze that has exploded into popularity in the UK. Pink Kitten loves cheerleading because it is high energy, motivational and a brilliant calorie burning girly workout.

In the Pink Kitten cheerleading work out class we will learn a new routine each week, creating our own Cheerleading Squad, using pom poms and pumping up the pop music (think Gwen Stefani, Lady Ga Ga, and Beyonce) we’ll be practicing routines that are high impact, funky and completely sexy!

The class will cover all the essential features of cheerleading such as; cheers, chants, jumps and cheerdance (with Pom Poms of course!) It will also help you to gain more flexibility, tighten your tummy and bum, increase your stamina and have fun throughout! No cheerleading or dance experience is necessary and can be mastered by even complete beginners.
In the Cheerleading course we will create a new routine each week including, chants, jumps and kicks, brilliant for toning up those thighs.

Current Cheerleading Classes

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