Winter is definately here and elfin’ freezing but after a rip roaring exciting show from Pink Kitten, the audience were left without doubt that Christmas can be hot hot hot!  With a heady mix of debuts, including new festive themed acts from those who have  already spread their wings in the performance circuit a year ago with the first Pink Kitten student showcase a year ago. Each pushed their characters and acts creating sophisticated and thoroughly entertaining routines. Although you could tell that some of the audience were new to exotic dance, each performer did their bit to entice them into the atmosphere leaving the show pitched at a tremendous high.

All those performing, with their visibly refined skills and talents should be extremely pleased and proud, as I know we here at Pink Kitten are.  Well done to all the performers and many thanks to everyone behind the scenes that helped create such a stunning show.  We’re looking forward with excited anticipation to the next show!