Thornbury Pole Course

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2 comments on “Thornbury
  1. Claire Allen says:

    Hi I was attending your class at the knot and rope I left as class to early and was pregnant !baby is now ten weeks old so I’m eager to come back as you have a later start now perfect for me is it still block classes or can it be a bit flex able? Claire xx

  2. Claire Byard says:

    Hi Claire,

    Congratulations on your baby! Our classes in Thornbury are now at the Ship Inn on Thornbury Road, Alveston, Bristol BS35 3LL, and are split into Beginners at 8:15 and Intermediates at 7:00pm. You can sign up for a whole course on our website by clicking on Pole Dancing/ Thornbury, or you can text us on 07980804720 on the day to drop in for £10 a class. If you have any queries or get stuck just give us a call on 07980804720. Thanks!

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