Pink Kitten are excited to finally be able to announce that we will be starting up pole dancing classes classes in Stroud in 2012.

The classes will be held at Sugar Nightclub, 27a Nelson Street, Stroud, GL5 2HH every Tuesday evening.

Classes will begin again on the 18th of September 2012 with a beginners pole dancing class at 6:30-7:45 and an intermediates-advanced pole dancing  class at 7:45-9:00pm

To start the classes off we will be holding a free taster evening on the 11th September, where we will have pole dancing demonstrations @ 6:30pm and 7:30pm and free pole dance tasters straight after each demo

Bookings can be made on the evening for the first set of classes for a 50% deposit

There will also be 20% off vouchers available for all attendees to the demonstration evening valid against your first course.



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22 comments on “Stroud
  1. Alice Carty says:

    Me and a friend are interested, have previous experience and own our own poles. Do you have to start at the beginners stage? I work every other Tuesday, so would only be able to attend twice a month. Is this a problem? Many thanks.

  2. Hi Alice no that wont be a problem at all we will be running beginners and intermediates – advanced classes in Stroud and will get the sessions up for booking very soon hannah x

  3. Grace says:

    Just wondering if these classes are still available and if booking is essiential, thanks x

  4. MacheteRose says:

    Hi Grace, yes the classes are still currently available, however we’ll be having a venue change within the next few weeks due to unforseen circumstances. We will need you to book so you can register your name to the next course and we can keep you updated!

  5. Keira says:

    Hi, I’m interested… Where are the new classes, how much and where?

    Thanks 🙂

  6. MacheteRose says:

    Hi Keira, after a break in lessons in Stroud, we’re hoping to be running a new set of courses starting mid August – we’ll have them up on the website to book as soon as we can get things confirmed! Beginner classes will be £50 for a 4 week course (lessons are an hour and a quarter) and the price drops to £45 for intermediate courses.

  7. Simone says:


    I am also interested in the pole classes you be running in stroud. Current attending classes in cheltenham. Looking for something closer, can you please send me details on when the new classes will be?



  8. MacheteRose says:

    Hi Simone,

    We’re looking to start new classes 28th August with a taster session on the 21st August. These will be at the new Sugar Nightclub in the town centre (previously Junction 13). We will have the event live for booking soon!

  9. brooke says:

    hiya, i’s there a age requirment for these classes? is it over 18s? x

  10. MacheteRose says:

    Hi brooke, we accept students from age 16 – 18 with a letter/ phone call from a guardian to say they agree and are aware that you are taking part in the class. The letter should include contact details so that we can contact the guardian/ parent to discuss.

  11. Apinya Clark says:


    I did the intermediate classes back In feb but stopped as the class time got change. Will you be doing intermediate class in Stroud at 7.45pm and is there still slot and when is the first date?

    Apinya x

  12. MacheteRose says:

    Hi Apinya, we do indeed plan to run intermediate pole classes again, you can register to the class here: Intermediate Pole Dancing, Stroud, 7:45pm

    We have a free taster on Tuesday 11th Sept from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and then classes are due to start the week after on Tuesday 18th September. We hope to see you soon!

  13. kerry b says:

    Are you doing any classes this year?

  14. MacheteRose says:

    Hi, yes we are teaching pole dancing in Stroud, we have our first course of the year starting next week! Keep an eye on the website as more classes will be up and available for booking in the near future!

  15. Di says:

    Hi – are you still doing pole dancing & burlesque classes in Stroud? – & if so, when are your next beginners’ classes in both starting / how much are they / how long do they last?

  16. MacheteRose says:

    Hi there, we are indeed still teaching in Stroud. We’re only running pole classes though (we’ve never featured burlesque as a class in the Stroud area). The next beginners course starts this coming Tuesday 7th May, 6:30pm to 7:45pm. It’s £50 for a 4 week course and you can book here:

  17. Nic Davies says:

    Can’t find out where to pay for my course on line on this site? Please could you send me a link to do so, thanks Nic x

  18. Hi nic you should have receivbed an e-mail outlining the details of the course which would include a payment link please e-mail us if that doesnt work for you


  19. Rebecca says:

    Are you still running classes for 2014?

  20. yes all our classes are up and running please give the school a call if you cant find what you need on the website!

  21. Lindsay says:

    Hiya, I was just wondering if you were running any beginers pole fitness sessions in stroud this autumn?

  22. Yes we have classes starting at the beginning of october you can book here

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