Hula Hoop Workshop Bristol

The hula hoop workshop on the 6th November was great fun. We started off with basic hula hooping hooping round our waists and all ended up the lesson hooping round necks , arms, hands – you name it we hooped round it! 


Looking forward to the next class 

Everyone had a great time and learnt a lot – really looking forward to the next workshop and the hula hoop course in the new year! 

Check out our formation hula hoop video! 



Keep an eye out for our next hula hoop workshop and maybe a hula hoop making workshop next year – make your own adult sized hoop for hooping at home

x Tabitha

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2 comments on “Hula Hoop Workshop Bristol
  1. kimberley hill says:

    would really like to come along to your hula hoop classes. also would be interested in discussing some mutual advertising as i own a Beauty Salon catering to the more artistic, adventerous client!

    please feel free to call 07891341050

  2. amy says:

    Thanks for your interest Kimberly our hula hoop classes should be starting in the new year and we will also have another workshop coming in January/ February. If you could e-mail us some information on your business that would be great

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