21st Century Pin up’s

At Pink Kitten HQ we cannot stress enough how much we love Burlesque magazine!
In this months issue they have a section called ’21st century Pin Up’s’ where it was voted for who was the top 50 burlesque performers internationally.

We were pleased to find that Vicky Butterfly (see picture below) was voted number 10! She has performed at (Pink Kitten founder)  Hoochie Coochie Kabaret beforevicky butterfly, and we personally think she is incredible!

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2 comments on “21st Century Pin up’s
  1. Juliet says:

    21st Century Burlesque Magazine (formerly 21st Century Pinups) has nothing to do with ‘Burlesque Magazine’. 21st Century Burlesque Magazine’s TOP 50 poll was not featured in any other magazine, it is exclusive to their publication.

  2. amy says:

    Pink Kitten apologises for any errors in our news blog and have published your response to put the record straight – Thank you for your comment

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