Pole levels explained

Our Pole dance classes are run in levels of ability.  This is to allow us to teach all our students at the right level and give our students the attention they need to achieve their own fitness and dance goals.


We use workbooks at level 1-6 for you to work through at your own pace and record the moves you learn. These are inline with the pole dance communities levels  Pole Dance CommunityPole Dance Community Syllabus


If you are unsure of which class to come to, please contact the office with details of how long you have been pole dancing and details of some of the moves you can already do.  We will let you know which level suits you best.  We are quite flexible so if you cant find a time to suit let us know and we will see if we can fit you in on another course.



Classes available

  •  Beginners – Level 1 
    • The foundations of Pole Dancing  4 week foundations course
  • Advanced Beginners  – Level 2 
    • Spins, Shimmies, routines and Climbing 
  • Intermediates – Level 3 
    • Routines, spins and basic inverts 
  • Advanced intermediates – Level 4  
    • Aerial Inverts and advanced spins
  • Advanced – Level 5 – 6
    • Advanced moves conditioning and sequences
  • Mixed Ability – Levels 2-4

    • A mixed ability class 4 week courses
  • Pole Circuits – Levels 2-5
    • A class for all abilities get toned and fit the pole way. 6 stations to get you stronger and more toned
  • Pole-esque level 1-2
    • This class concentrates on dance and fuses burlesque, chairdance, lapdance and simple pole dancing. Each course of 4 classes will see students learn a routine to a well known song. This class is for the naughty at heart – no nudity involved – just fun
  • Spinning Pole  – Levels 1-4
    • Lets get spinning! this class we set the x poles to spin and hold on tight. Spinning pole is graceful and demands different skills to static pole so a great addition to any pole dancers repertoire.
  • Pole Jams – Levels 1-6

    • No teaching in this class just sharing knowledge, learning something new and practicing the old
  • Pole Practice – Levels 1-6
    • Weekly practice session for students all welcome – discounted practice for current pole students no need to book, just turn up.
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2 comments on “Pole levels explained
  1. Lara says:

    hiya, was thinking of coming to lessons with you, have 9 months experience of poledancing in clubs but have quit dancing jobs and just want to carry on poledancing and get better! i can already do some spins and a couple of inverts including climbing the pole well but want to learn more because i love it.. not sure what level to go for though, so if u could help me that would be grand 🙂 also when is your next pole jam session. thanks
    lara peachey

  2. Tabitha Tease says:

    Thanks for your question, The next Pole Jam is on the 18th December at Fitness 4 Less, sign up via our booking page to reserve your place. I would think as long as you are confident inverting and doing basic ( with hands) gemini scorpio and crucifix ( no hands) you would be ready for our level 4 course

    TT xx

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