Pole Dancing Lessons Intermediate and Advanced Bristol

Improvers/Intermediate/ Advanced Intermediate Pole Dance Course

Levels 2-4 (pole levels explained)


In these courses we give more individual teaching, so now you have the basics you can choose what elements of Pole Dancing you want to concentrate on.


This might be:

  • Spins and dancing
  • Climbing the pole
  • Inverts – moves you do from flipping upside down
  • Aerial moves – moves you do in the air, once you have climbed the pole
  • Routine building and performance opportunities


Everyone can work to their own ability on these courses and you can keep doing as many courses at each level as you want or need.


We run courses at each specific level and also hold a mixed ability class on a wednesday. At level 2-4 we offer discounts on multiple course purchases (save £10 when you book two courses at once and £25 if you book three courses) ( terms and conditions apply).


Have a look at our Pole timetable, if you cannot attend on a certain day please e-mail or call us to see if we can accomodate you on a different course.

If you have any questions or want to make a booking call our friendly office or email info@pinkkittendanceschool.com or book online here

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