Vintage Hair Styling Course with Inma Azorin

Thursday January 31, 2013 – Thursday January 31, 2013

The Old Malthouse

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pink kitten vintage hair course with inma azorin, learn classic pin up hair styles


Transform yourself into a vintage siren with our Vintage Hair Styling Course!  Create a different classic style on yourself each week, taking inspiration from a wide variety of vintage looks.  Equipment is provided so you’ll get to take away your tools of the trade – perfect for practising and recreating your pin up look at home.


Inma Azorin is a professional hairstylist with 8 years experience and has had work featured in various films like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Captain America’; magazines such as ‘Grazia’ and ‘Red’; and various catalogues and websites.  Inma specializes in vintage hair and make up and she is one of the creators of  ‘Pop up Parlour’  Divine Vintage Makeovers.  She will give you the skills needed to tame your mane into deliciously classic feminine looks.   See more of Inma’s work on her website:


What to bring:  If you have hot rollers/tongs/wands already, then bring them along if you can.  Inma recommends that you come to class without having washed your hair that day – it makes it easier to work with!


Get your rolls victorious!  Hone your teasing skills on stage and with your hair!  Book now!


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6 comments on “Vintage Hair Styling Course with Inma Azorin
  1. Allie Cox says:

    Hi there. Are there any upcoming courses located in or around Cardiff? I’d really like to learn to do my own do!

  2. MacheteRose says:

    Hi Allie,

    I’m glad to see you’re interested in our vintage hair course! Our courses are mainly based in Bristol (with a couple going on further up the M5). If we hear that there is a lot of interest from a particular area, we are always happy to look into the viability of running courses there. If you keep your eye out on our weekend workshops, you may find they suit you better if you’re having to travel. x

  3. sally stevens says:

    hi inma!
    hope your well!!
    this looks fantastic….i was thinking about coming with 2 of our newish assistants, who are doing a styling competition at college, but id rather they did it on each other rather than themselfs, is this possible? or is that not the idea?
    xxxx sally xxxx

  4. MacheteRose says:

    Hi Sally, I’ve spoken with Inma and we think that we’re able to work in both working on each other and learning how to create the style on yourself. We hope this caters to a range of needs where people can work a style in the way that suits them best. If you and your students are still interested, you can register here: Vintage Hair Styling with Inma Azorin We hope to see you soon! x

  5. Francine says:

    I can’t believe I missedy our vintage hair course..
    Will you be doing another one in Bristol soon?..please say yes!

  6. MacheteRose says:

    Hi Francine,
    Yes! We are planning on bringing back another course of Vintage Hair styling – watch this space for a course to go up in February! x

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