Bringing sexy back


sexy shoesThis class is designed to raise your pulse in more ways than one, a fantastic class incorporating chairwork,  floorwork, lapdance and pole dance ( no previous experience needed).

Increase your flexibility,fitness, confidence and coordination with our new sexy dance class.

Wear comfortable clothes including leg warmers /knee pads or trousers that cover your knees for protection when we are doing floor work. We will be dancing in barefeet/socks and in heels so come prepared!

Come on and get your Sexy On!

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10 comments on “Bringing sexy back
  1. JJ Stanbury says:

    Hi there, my names JJ.
    I was just wondering how much are your weekly exotic dance classes?

  2. Hi JJ our classes are £5 and held every thursday at 6pm xx

  3. Sherbs says:

    Does the Exotic dance fit cater for guys at all please?


  4. Hi there yes guys are more than welcome to our classes but you should contact the office on the day you plan to come along to check that the class is suitable that week. see you soon

  5. Ann says:

    Hello, how many classes are in the Bringing Sexy Back course?

  6. Claire Byard says:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for your message! Our Bringing Sexy Back Course is normally a 4 week course, but our September course will be 3 weeks long and start on the 16th, with a little discount! So the perfect time to give it a try 😉 xxx

  7. Caroline Summerton says:


    Myself and a friend are interested in coming to the Thursday 6pm class next week and were wondering if we need to book or just turn up?


  8. Luci says:

    Hi Tabitha
    Really loved the taster burlesque and pole dancing class today
    I am keen to sign up for a four week course, which is better for a complete beginner – pole dance or exotic dance fit?


  9. Emily Spicer says:

    Hi there. I really enjoyed the taster session today, and I am keen to sign up for the beginners pold dancing and the bring sexy back classes. Before I commit and book myself place I would like to know what is involved in a Bring Sexy Back class? Is is chairwork, lapdance? Thank you for your time 🙂

  10. Sara says:

    Hi! I’d really love to come to brining sexy back. I’m probably not looking properly but could you tell me when the next curse starts, and dates and times? How do I book in? Thanks! X

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